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Dogs and Technology

How do our pups fit into the digital age? Is technology good or harmful to our precious pooches?

Some people fear that their dogs will be replaced by robots. While the trend of robot dogs is catching on in certain households (often due to their mess-free and death-free nature), I personally don’t think that a love-less hunk of metal will catch on instead of loving creatures. Yet, the dawn of technology has passed. We are now fully in a digital age. Our future and the future of our pets now relies on technology whether we like it or not.

If you search the term, “dogs and technology” on the web hundreds of articles will pop-up, spouting information about the newest puppy products. There are oodles of fascinating technological products. However, what is clearly lacking from these is information as to whether this is a good thing or a horrible thing.  Dogs, like humans, can use technology. We know this. But, should dogs use technology?

Here is a fascinating video of a dog using a touchscreen:

Of course, it’s probably the treat rather than the tech in this scenario. Nevertheless, dogs are able to learn how to do simple tasks with screens.

Technology can do so much for our dogs including measuring their health and securing their well-being. Yet, there certainly are risks as well. Because dogs can hear at a higher frequency than us, simple technology like TV and Light-bulbs can be near torture for them.  These simple items can cause seizures and mess with their sleep cycle. Most tech eliminates sounds that humans can hear but completely disregards the extremely high-pitched noises. LED lights are especially annoying to dogs, as they are known to flicker constantly. 

So while technology is certainly aiding our pooches in some ways, it is hurting them in many others. Only the future can tell whether tech will inevitably expand or decrease puppy life expectancy. 





How To Make Adorable Doggy Collars for Under $5

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Doggy Collars are Adorable

I follow these steps to make a stylish collar for under $5

What You’ll Need:

Baby Headbands (You can buy 26 of them for $10)

Bows and Flowers (You can get 50 for $9)

Glue/Hot Glue (a nice one costs $22)


Now that you have all your equipment, you can begin. How you do this is really up to you. Just mix and match and glue.  Wear in style, you can even have a matching headband with your pooch.

However,  don’t have anything sharp or scratchy near your dog’s neck. Rub your hand over the inside of the collar to make sure nothing pokes out.

Have Fun!

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7 Tips On Taking Winning Dog Pictures

Dog Pictures are adorable!

It’s a fact that we must all face in life. There is nothing cuter than dog pictures. But, getting Rover to sit still can be harder than getting him to take a bath! Here are seven tricks to capture adorableness.

When my Aunt first started her grooming business, she decided to include a couple extra services to each groom. One of which is to include dog pictures! It never ceases to amaze me how she can get a perfect photo no matter the personality or age of the dog. You can check out her amazing photos at  Here are the best tips on how to capture raw adorableness!


  1. Before you do anything else for your dog pictures, you need to set up. Have your choice setting props etc. already there before your pooch arrives on the set.
  2. Be calm. Don’t fret over the little stuff. Your pup will be able to sense it and it might scare or unnerve him/her. Nothing in life is going to be perfect. There is no use stressing about small details. Perhaps try some calming tips. Here is a website devoted to the subject matter:  Aunt Lynn uses a blueberry facial to help the dogs feel at peace.
  3. Hold a distracting toy near the camera. . . your dog will look at the camera, if only for a few seconds. Make sure to always have something interesting to look at. Snap, snap you have some attention-getting dog pictures.
  4. This one might seem a bit obvious but don’t try to photo capture an unhappy pooch. It will not go well. Only try this with a happy, well-fed doggy.  Try to choose a time when your pooch is well-rested, well-fed, and clean.
  5. Make sure your pup is comfy. No one likes getting their photo taken in a scratchy sweater! Especially not man’s best friend. If a dog is uncomfortable he/she will not sit well for photos. If you wouldn’t do it, don’t try to get your dog to do it. Accessories are fine as long as they are comfortable. Feel an item to make sure it won’t bother your dog’s skin.

    Dog Photos

    Christmas Pup

  6. Know thine own pet. Know what your pup can do and will do. You know your fur baby better than anyone. Do collars irritate your dog’s neck? Don’t use them. My Aunt Lynn learns the personality of every single dog she works with. This is a necessity for getting the best photos possible!
  7. Have patience! Photographing anything live is the hardest type of photography. Your Furry Friend needs to be shown a little grace when posing. Modeling is hard work! is the site for all things relating to pampering precious pooches. Our physical location focuses on spa services, grooming, and photography and is located in Buford, Georgia. More information can be found on our about page at . Stay tuned for more great tips. You don’t even have to beg!