Dogs and Technology

How do our pups fit into the digital age? Is technology good or harmful to our precious pooches?

Some people fear that their dogs will be replaced by robots. While the trend of robot dogs is catching on in certain households (often due to their mess-free and death-free nature), I personally don’t think that a love-less hunk of metal will catch on instead of loving creatures. Yet, the dawn of technology has passed. We are now fully in a digital age. Our future and the future of our pets now relies on technology whether we like it or not.

If you search the term, “dogs and technology” on the web hundreds of articles will pop-up, spouting information about the newest puppy products. There are oodles of fascinating technological products. However, what is clearly lacking from these is information as to whether this is a good thing or a horrible thing.  Dogs, like humans, can use technology. We know this. But, should dogs use technology?

Here is a fascinating video of a dog using a touchscreen:

Of course, it’s probably the treat rather than the tech in this scenario. Nevertheless, dogs are able to learn how to do simple tasks with screens.

Technology can do so much for our dogs including measuring their health and securing their well-being. Yet, there certainly are risks as well. Because dogs can hear at a higher frequency than us, simple technology like TV and Light-bulbs can be near torture for them.  These simple items can cause seizures and mess with their sleep cycle. Most tech eliminates sounds that humans can hear but completely disregards the extremely high-pitched noises. LED lights are especially annoying to dogs, as they are known to flicker constantly. 

So while technology is certainly aiding our pooches in some ways, it is hurting them in many others. Only the future can tell whether tech will inevitably expand or decrease puppy life expectancy. 





Dogs and Tecnology
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Dogs and Tecnology
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