How To Make Adorable Doggy Collars for Under $5

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Doggy Collars are Adorable

I follow these steps to make a stylish collar for under $5

What You’ll Need:

Baby Headbands (You can buy 26 of them for $10)

Bows and Flowers (You can get 50 for $9)

Glue/Hot Glue (a nice one costs $22)


Now that you have all your equipment, you can begin. How you do this is really up to you. Just mix and match and glue.  Wear in style, you can even have a matching headband with your pooch.

However,  don’t have anything sharp or scratchy near your dog’s neck. Rub your hand over the inside of the collar to make sure nothing pokes out.

Have Fun!

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How to Make Adorable Collars For Under $5
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How to Make Adorable Collars For Under $5
Make adorable collars for under $5! These collars can be made and worn for any occasion. Perfect for holidays, birthdays, etc.
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Petite Pet Grooming
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